Good Answers to Tough Questions

Good Answers to Tough Questions

Honest, Informative Answers to Hard Topics, for Children Ages 6-12, Grades 1-6

All children will encounter trauma in their lives, whether directly or indirectly. Tough experiences can be detrimental to any child if not addressed and handled properly. Parents often are not equipped to help children appropriately handle the difficulties their children experience.

The purpose of Good Answers to Tough Questions is to provide honest, unbiased, direct answers to difficult questions, and to help children and the adults who surround them turn negative life experiences into positive ones. Good Answers to Tough Questions can also help parents, teachers, and counselors by stimulating therapeutic dialogues and providing insights that can lead to positive behavior modification.

Series Quote from Joy:

“The GOOD ANSWERS TO TOUGH QUESTIONS books offer ways to turn traumatic experiences into positive experiences that can help children grow and become better people.”

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