Junkroom Band

Few things captivate young people more than a teen rock band. And few things could entertain them more than soap-opera-like stories with cutting edge humor that feature down-to-earth characters just like them.

However, unlike a lot of soap operas and sitcoms, the JUNKROOM BAND short stories are neither mindless nor void of socially redeeming qualities. Indeed, the back stories and storylines are based on controversial hot topics as well as Joy Berry’s best-selling Winning Skills and Good Answers to Tough Questions books for young people.

The JUNKROOM BAND is an animated, eight-member teen band that practices in a make-believe Community Center’s recording studio. The band’s name is derived from the fact that, at one time, the studio had been a storage space for all of the junk that had accumulated at the Community Center. Eventually, the junk was carted off and the small space was converted into a basic-no-nonsense recording studio.

The wide variety of strong personalities, coupled with the never-ending conflicts and struggles of a start-up band, make the JUNKROOM BAND short stories entertaining as well as relatable. And the band’s original, raw-edge, contemporary rock music provides an incredible, stand-alone song that accompanies each story.

Each JUNKROOM BAND short story is presented in both print and audio formats with Joy Berry narrating the story and the band performing the original song.

The JUNKROOM BAND collection of short stories for young people is the first of its kind to combine a short story with an original song that can help young people respond responsibly to current events and challenging situations that are relevant to their daily lives.

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