Winning Skills

Winning Skills

Motivating Tweens to Overcome and Succeed, for Children Ages 11-12, Grades 5-6

Generally speaking, preadolescent misbehavior just before the teen years is a direct result of low self-esteem, lack of purpose or direction, pressure to succeed, traumatic experiences, unresolved problems, and/or the quest for excitement. Peer pressure is often the catalyst that causes these factors to result in misbehavior.

Dealing with preadolescent misbehavior using the popular shape-up-or-ship-out approach is ineffectual because it deals with the symptoms rather than the problem. In order to make a substantial impact on preadolescent misbehavior, it is necessary to resolve the issues that cause it.

The purpose of the Winning Skills products is to help preadolescents live lives in which misbehavior has no place. This is accomplished by giving preadolescents the information, skills, and motivation to replace negative attitudes and behavior with positive ones.

Series Quote from Joy:

“The WINNING SKILLS books help young people succeed at every level of their lives.”

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